Why do dogs love moose antler chews?

Why do dogs love moose antler chews?

Why do dogs love moose antler chews?

It’s no secret that our furry friends love moose antlers, but what is it exactly that attracts them to these unique chews? In short, moose antlers have been enjoyed by animals for centuries due to their tasty and nutritious makeup. Maine State Moose Biologist Lee Kantar was quoted in the Portland Press Harold saying “..moose antlers are rich in calcium-phosphorus and organic nutrients, including Vitamin D.” It’s incredible that nature offers such a healthy and sustainable chewing option for our pups. 

Many animals in the wild enjoy chewing antlers, especially our own dogs’ canine ancestors. Wolves and coyotes are known to chew antlers, and the reason being is likely linked to the nutrients found inside the marrow of the antler. Legendary Whitetails calls shed antlers “nature’s supplemental vitamin power packs.” As it is known, our canine companions are descendants of wolves, so one might presume it is in our dog’s DNA to chew antlers.

Another reason why dogs enjoy chewing moose antlers is because of how engaging they are. Moose antlers may even be preferred by your pup over other types of antler. The American Kennel Club states, “Moose antlers for dogs are softer than other antlers, and are often sold in different slices and shapes to choose what works for your individual dog.” With a softer antler, comes a more engaging chewing experience. Access to the delicious marrow is much easier in a moose antler than it would be for a deer antler. Moose antlers are a perfect pick for your pooch when looking for a healthy, all-natural chew.  



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