Benefits Of Moose Antler Dog Chews

Chewing offers a lot of benefits to your dog. Studies have shown that chewing helps alleviate stress and is essential in maintaining healthy gums and teeth. Moose antlers are natural and are a great play toy for canines. 

For thousands of years, wild dogs chewed on shed moose antlers. Simply chewing on these mineral-rich bones releases endorphins that help reduce anxiety and frustration in your pet. 

Moose antlers are naturally occurring antlers native to the United States. Antlers are unique to the animal, so moose antlers have their unique composition, which makes them different from elk or deer antlers.

Moose antlers are soft and have the highest marrow content. Our company safely collects antlers with a method that ensures no animals are harmed in the process. We have antler chews in various shapes like paddles and tines depending on how hard your dog chews. 

Many dogs enjoy our antlers. They are soft, which makes them quite engaging but getting one of our harder antlers will be advised for bigger dogs who need something tougher to handle their bite force. 

Benefits Of Moose Antlers

Moose antlers are the perfect treat for dogs who enjoy chewing. We produce three main types of antler chews which are:

Paddle chews: These are flat and not too dense, making them just the right option to get for moderate-strength chewers. 

Tine chews: They are round antlers that are found on the outer edges of the antler. Aggressive chewers find this option appealing. 

Base chews: These are for the strongest chewers. Base antlers are gotten from the hardest part of an antler which makes them the perfect treat for super strong chewers who chew through everything. 

Healthy in vitamins and minerals

Moose antlers are rich in marrow which packs loads of healthy vitamins and minerals. Some of these minerals include Vitamin D, calcium, magnesium, and phosphorous. All these nutrients are released in a regular supply as your dog continues to chew on our antlers. This will fortify a dog's regular diet with additional nutrients that are great for dogs. 

Safe to Chew and Gnaw

It's no news that Allagash discourages pet owners from giving their dogs rawhide. We say this because rawhide contains harmful chemicals and is notorious for upset stomachs and GI issues. Moose antlers are tough and carefully designed to handle all types of chewers. They don't splinter, so you worry less about indigestible hide damaging your dog's stomach and digestive tract. 

Dental Boost

Your dog's teeth play an essential role in their everyday lives. Moose antlers can help you take better care of their teeth by removing tartar and plaque buildup. This process has happened naturally for many years, making antlers the perfect toothbrush for your pet. 

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