Our Story - Allagash Antlers

Meet Us 

What started as a hobby during our college years, has blossomed into a passion for finding and creating the best single ingredient moose antler dog chews in America!

We are extremely thankful for the network of dog owners, trainers, breeders, and rescues alike who believed in our product and ultimately became friends. We couldn’t do it without YOU!

In the spring, we enjoy our time in the woods of Northern Maine looking for moose antlers. It’s not uncommon for us to walk 15-20 miles a day in search of these tasty treasures! In 2018, we got an Australian Shepherd named Finley and trained him for scent detecting shed moose antlers. Finley was a natural at his job, and we ended up with too many moose antlers to know what to do with. That's when we decided to share them with all of you and your dogs!

It's truly our pleasure to provide your pups with fresh, all-natural moose antler chews at an affordable price. We care about your dogs as much as one of our own and invite you to follow us on our journey! 

A Word About Sustainability

At Allagash Antlers we are proud of our eco-friendly business practices, and we care a great deal about the sustainability of our product. 

Our Moose Antlers for your dogs are a renewable resource and shed naturally every year. No animals are harmed in the process of collecting our shed antlers. All antlers are single ingredient and contain no added chemicals or preservatives. 

Canines have been chewing antlers for thousands of years, therefore, it's in your dog's DNA to chew them! We keep our moose antlers chews as close to natural as possible to help ensure an ancestral connection between dog and antler. 

In short, we care deeply about our impact and want your dog to have the most natural chewing experience possible!


  • Finley

    Australian Shepherd

    Head Antler Sniffer

    Unlimited Energy

    Highly skilled in detecting shed moose antlers 

  • Tripper

    Labrador Retriever 

    Chief Taste Tester

    #1 Good Boy

    Specializes in moose antler retrieval

  • Humans

    Husband and Wife Small Business Owners

    Passionate about all things dog

    We’re happy when your pups are happy!