About Allagash Antlers - Moose Antler Dog Chews

Allagash Antler- Moose Antler Dog Chews

What started out as a hobby of finding moose antlers, has blossomed into this beautiful business! Caleb and I (Anna), enjoyed time in the woods together looking for moose antlers. Once we trained our Australian Shepherd, Finley, to find moose antlers, we ended up with too many to know what to do with. So, we decided to share them with you! It's truly our pleasure to provide your pups with fresh, all-natural moose antler chews at an affordable price and is the healthy alternative to rawhide. There's no middle-man, no markups, and no games, we are the source! We care about your dogs as much as one of our own and invite you on our journey to provide the best moose antler chews in America. 

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