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Allagash Antlers

Shed Sugar Ground Moose Antler Food Topper

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Allagash Antlers “Shed Sugar” is an organic dog food topper & nutritional supplement consisting of 100% ground moose antler powder which is both chock full of essential nutrients and irresistibly tasty! 

Moose antlers are renowned for their nutritional content, containing calcium, phosphorus, collagen, iron, and other trace nutrients. We grind down our finest grade A+ moose antlers to ensure a pure, nutrient dense source. Shed Sugar provides a high quality supplement that is ideal for active dogs and seniors alike. Great also if used as a flavor enhancer for picky eaters. 

Simply add to your dogs food at regular feeding times or add to homemade treats. 

100% USA MADE from free range moose antlers. 

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