Shed Sugar™ Ground Antler Food Topper

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Allagash Antlers “Shed Sugar” is an organic dog food topper & nutritional supplement consisting of 100% ground antler powder which is both chock full of essential nutrients and irresistibly tasty! 

Ground antler food topper is renowned for it's nutritional content, containing calcium, phosphorus, collagen, iron, and other trace nutrients. We grind down our finest grade A+ antlers to ensure a pure, nutrient dense source. Shed Sugar provides a high quality supplement that is ideal for active dogs and seniors alike. Great also if used as a flavor enhancer for picky eaters. Simply add to your dogs food at regular feeding times or add to homemade treats.

This all-natural mineral source fosters improved skin and coat quality, supports gut health, and strengthens joint function. Its finely ground form enhances digestibility compared to whole antlers, making it an excellent choice for canine companions of any age!

100% USA MADE from free range antlers. 


Customer Reviews

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Wendy Bailey

My dog LOVES this. Use it twice daily on her kibble - she used to be a picky eater, but no more.

Nicole Dolback-Hall
Shed sugar

My Rory loves it! I use it as a topper once in a while as a sweet treat!

Margaret Farley
Expecting Momma

Our Lab Ebony Rose is expecting in a couple weeks, she has become a very picky eater but when we sprinkle the shed sugar in top, she sniffs it and starts to eat!

Bri Wrench
just get it

My dog pours drool out at just about anything but this one makes him go mental. Toss it at the bottom of a slow feeder bowl and then again on the top of the food. Chef's kiss baby

Brenda Sowinski
She’d sugar

Dogs love. Love the convenience of shaking out of bottle