• Moose Antler Dog Chews

    Moose shed their antlers once a year

    Each winter, male moose shed their antlers. Moose antlers are packed with healthy minerals like calcium and phosphorus making them a great choice for a long lasting dog chew!

  • Dog with moose antler chew

    Our dogs help us find the shed antlers

    Every spring after the snow recedes, our trained shed dogs Finley & Tripper scour the Northern woodlands of Maine in search of these naturally shed moose antlers.

  • Moose antler chews

    We process the shed moose antlers

    Each moose antler is hand picked by us to ensure the premium quality you've come to expect from an Allagash moose antler dog chew. All sharp edges are sanded to give your dog the most enjoyable moose antler chews in America!

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