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Moose Muncher™ Paddles

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Introducing Moose Muncher™ Paddles – the perfect way to start your dog's moose antler chewing journey, especially if you're not sure where to begin. These paddles are just right for introducing your furry friend to the joy of chewing on moose antlers, making them an excellent choice for puppies taking their first steps into chew-time fun!

Allagash moose antler chews offer a clean and mess-free experience, with no strong smells or added preservatives. Packed with important nutrients like calcium and phosphorus, these chews are sure to keep your pup happy and entertained. 

Each order includes one chew.

Size That Fits: Average Dimensions: 6-10 inches

Nature's Unique Touch: Each antler has its own special shape and size, making them truly one-of-a-kind. We guarantee that all our moose antlers are top-quality grade A premium – only the best for your pup.

Safety First, Tail-Wagging Delight: Select the right size based on your dog's weight and chewing style for a safe and satisfying chew. Always keep an eye on your furry pal during chew time. When the antler becomes small enough to fit in your dog's mouth, it's time to switch to a fresh Allagash Antler Chew.

Give your dog a wonderful start to their chewing adventure – treat them to the exceptional taste and joy of Moose Muncher™ Paddles!

Customer Reviews

Based on 272 reviews
The best product around!

The moose muncher paddles are the perfect combo of treat and toy. My dog has a good amount of energy and when she needs a distraction, these are perfect! They give her something tough to chew on but they are soft enough not to damage her teeth. A definite must in any doggie or puppo household!

Katherine Booker

Excellent product!
Keeps my pups occupied and I know it’s safe for them.

Sheryl Egbert

My 15 month old Labrador Zinnie loves to chew, and it was hard to find anything she didn’t destroy fast or that makes a mess. I was glad my friend Kim Dyke suggested Allagash Antlers they are perfect, she loves them, no mess and the shipping is fast. Thanks so much Sheryl Egbert

Edward miller
Archie new Chew

My dog loves his Allagash Antlers. He would chew on it all day if I let him. Will be buying more.

Barbara Aliano

Excellent product and even better customer service. Our GSD pup loves his antlers. Would highly recommend and will reorder as needed.