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Allagash Antlers

Moose Muncher™ Paddles

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Moose Muncher paddles are the perfect starter chew if you're not quite sure what to get. They are ideal for introducing your dog to chewing moose antlers and would make a great first chew for puppies! 

Moose antler chews are odorless, make no mess, and contain no preservatives. They are densely packed with nutrients such as calcium and phosphorus which make for a happy and healthy pup!

Listing price is for an individual chew. (Quantity - 1 = 1 Chew)

$8.40 Flat Rate Shipping

Average Dimensions: 6-8"

As with all of our moose antler products, there will be small variations in shape and size due to each antler being naturally unique! All moose antlers are guaranteed grade A premium - we only choose the best for your dog!

We always recommend sizing your moose antler based on the weight of your dog and their corresponding chewing aggression. For super aggressive chewers, consider a size up.

Always supervise your dog when they are using these chews. When the antler becomes small enough to fit in your dogs mouth, it's time for a new Allagash Antler Chew!

Customer Reviews

Based on 104 reviews
A. J.
Happy pups

I purchased the paddles for my 9 week old puppy, 2 year old and senior 12 year old. They love these antlers and chew on them every day! The quality is wonderful and the shipping was fast. Thanks!

Gail Cannon
Hours of chew time

My gsd loves her paddle!!! She has been chewing for over ten days! Great product

Julie Tracy
Excellent gift to my dog's best friends!

My girl, Lucy, has doggy friends who come to play, and destroy my yard in their rowdy chase and wrestling games. Oh well. The only items of contention are Lucy's "Bullwinkles", which I always pick up before they arrive. So I ordered the Moose Muncher Paddles to give to them as gifts - now they can have their own Bullwinkles at home. The various moose antler chews I've purchased have all been great. Long lasting, obviously quite yummy. All of the dogs send a big thank you!

Perfect for aggressive chewer!

We have a GSP and loves to chew. These paddles are perfect. They are long lasting and our dog loves them so much!

brian clemmons
Dogs love ‘em!!!

All 3 of my dogs love moose antlers!!