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Moose Antler Base Dog Chew

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Introducing Allagash Moose Antler Bases – the ultimate choice for those power-chewer pups. These bases are carefully cut from the densest part of the moose antler, specially crafted to handle even the most enthusiastic chewing.

Our moose antler chews come from fresh, top-quality moose antlers, guaranteeing a long-lasting and satisfying chew, customized for your furry friend.

Allagash moose antler chews offer a clean, mess-free experience, without any unpleasant smells or added preservatives. Packed with important nutrients like calcium and phosphorus, these chews

are sure to keep your pup happy and entertained.

Choose the Perfect Size:

  • Monster: Ideal for Dogs 100lbs+
  • Large: Suited for Dogs between 55 - 100lbs
  • Medium: Perfect for Dogs between 35 - 55lbs

Each order includes one chew.

Embrace Nature's Uniqueness: Antlers come in all shapes and sizes, each showcasing nature's beauty. We assure you that every moose antler we offer is top-grade quality, because your dog deserves the best.

Safety and Fun Combined: Select the right size based on your dog's weight and chewing style. Always supervise your pup while they're enjoying their chew. When the antler becomes small enough to fit in your dog's mouth, it's time to introduce a fresh Allagash Antler Chew.

Start an exciting journey of chewing – let your pup savor the fantastic taste and endless joy of Allagash Moose Antler Bases!

Customer Reviews

Based on 57 reviews
Best chew ever!

Our Chesapeake Bay Retriever is a professional chewer. 😂. We searched for something that she wouldn’t destroy or cause harm to her and was having no luck… then we found Allagash Antlers. We bought our 1st one and our girl has never been happier. We were so happy with the product that we decided to get a subscription. Now our girl gets a new one every 6 months which has been perfect for her. We couldn’t recommend this product more. Thank you Allagash Antlers. ❤️🫎

Durwood beckwith
Hes still has it

Hasn't even really made a dent in it you can hardly tell that it's been true on except for a little bit right around the base the little ears that stick out


I have purchased many antler bones, none of them last but a week. This bone is amazing! Not to mention the puppy dog is very happy with it as well

Matt Ryan

Finally I found a chewable for my dog that will challenge him. I have tried most and they rather don’t live up to the expectation, they bother my dogs stomach, or they are gone in no time at all.

The price was daunting at first, but I had to give it a go and I am happy I did. I got the large base and and a tine and once I received I was impressed with them at first glance. The large base is really big and heavy and my dog has been aggressively chewing it for about 10 days. Where most would have been worked to a nub by now, this thing is proving its worth.

I could go on and on about this but I will just simply say, if you have a super strong and aggressive chewer as I do (Lab/Pit mix) and are hesitant due to the cost as I was; take the chance like I did. I am super impressed and will be a returning customer when these eventually get chewed down. Plus, I love that they are in Maine and locally sourced and in New England as I am.

Thank you!

100% Worth It!

These Moose Antler Base chews (Large) have been a hit for my two 45 lb. dogs (moderate chewer Siberian Husky mix, aggressive chewer Dutch Shepherd). These bases are quite hefty - just as large as the whole deer antlers I usually get them, but solid with a generous amount of chew to offer. Allagash Antlers have become the new staple in our household, and these two could not recommend them enough!