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Are Moose Antler Chews Safe For Dogs?

Are Moose Antler Chews Safe For Dogs?

No matter how hard we try, we can't always control what our dogs put in their mouths. From dirt to food, they don't just seem to understand the difference. As their companions, it is our duty to help them. One of which is figuring out what is right for our pet. 

More canine owners are catching up to the advantages of giving their dogs antler chews against raw hides. Many believe antler chews are a safer alternative to rawhide. There has been an increasing wealth of evidence that shows that rawhide may not be as healthy as we initially thought. 

The short answer to your question is yes; Moose antlers are safe for dogs. But in reality, it goes beyond that. There are many reasons why companies like Allagash Antlers recommend you make that change from rawhide to antlers, especially if you have a big dog or a heavy chewer. 

Not sure whether moose antlers are safe? Learn some of the advantages of a moose antler chew.

Benefits of Moose Antler Chews For Canines

Moose shed their antlers every fall so new ones can grow in the winter. This process is 100% natural, no artificial chemicals or ingredients are used, and no animal is harmed in the process of shedding their antlers. Once shed, they serve no primary purpose. Dogs, wolves, and other canines in the wild have been known to chew on antlers to clean their teeth, amongst other reasons. 

A healthy Supply of Vitamins and Minerals

Moose antlers are bones, not horns, saturating them with healthy vitamins and minerals like calcium, vitamin D, Magnesium, and phosphorus. These are nutrients every dog needs, especially if they aren't getting them from their regular diets. 

It's Safer To Chew and Gnaw

Moose antlers are unique, though. They don't splinter and are 100% digestible, which means you don't have to worry about particles of indigestible junk in the digestive tract of your pet. Finally, moose antlers don't stink like rawhide. They are nearly odorless and do not give any odor when chewed. 

Dental Boost:

Earlier, we mentioned how dogs and other canines had been known to chew on antlers. Doing this helps take care of their teeth by removing tartar and plaque buildup. Moose antler chews can also be advantageous for puppies while they have teeth. 

Clean and cut to perfection: 

Cleaning and cutting an antler to the perfect size is an important step to ensure antlers are safe and healthy for dogs. Today you can find three different types of dog chews made from moose antlers:

  • Paddle chews are flat-cut antlers for moderate-strength chewers. 
  • Tine chews are round and perfect for more aggressive chewers
  • Base chews are dense antlers that make the perfect treat for super-strong chewers who need a challenge. 


Moose antlers are one of the best chews you can get your dog. It has so many upsides, and dogs love to chew on them. Not only will your dog love them immediately, but you know you're giving your dog the best time. You can get your tasty moose antlers from Allagash Antlers. We deliver 100% natural antlers with no preservatives whatsoever.