What Makes Moose Antlers Healthier Alternatives To Rawhide

What Makes Moose Antlers Healthier Alternatives To Rawhide

What Makes Moose Antlers Healthier Alternatives To Rawhide

Moose antlers dog chews are the perfect alternatives to rawhide. Dogs who love to nibble on bones tend to love these as an alternative to rawhides. Our moose antlers are the perfect companion harvested in a safe way. Every fall, Moose shed their antlers and grow new ones in the winter.

Canines had gnawed on antlers when they lived in the wild. It was common to see wolves chew on antlers. This practice helped clean their teeth. Today, we've discovered that moose antlers are packed with vital mind-stimulating and enriching nutrients.

Many breeders have expressed concerns over giving dogs rawhide. While you can still purchase rawhides in stores around America, it's important you understand their health risks. With continued use over time, heavy chewers can break rawhides into splinters or shade that can damage the dog's mouth or digestive tract.

Rawhides are made from treated animal skin. The chemicals used in this process include salmonella. The preservation process also makes it difficult to digest rawhide.

Benefits of Moose Antlers

Moose Antlers are the softest antlers, but they maintain their dense core. Our antlers still maintain their high marrow content. Dogs love the taste of our antlers available here.

It Helps Clean The Mouth

This is one of the most beneficial advantages of moose antlers. They do an amazing job of scraping away food particles and keeping dogs; teeth clean. Regular chewing gets rid of plaque and tartar buildup.


Over time, antlers can help redirect the destructive tendencies and anxiety in dogs. Its incredible strength allows dogs to use them for chewing exercise.
Dogs with destructive tendencies keep antlers for a long time.


Antlers are less likely to splinter or break. Our antlers are very durable and are sold in their natural form. No additives or preservatives are added.


Moose antlers have a thick marrow rich in calcium and phosphorus for stronger bones and teeth. Antlers also contain minerals like magnesium and sodium for a complete treat.

Choosing the Right Moose Antler

Moose antler chews are perfect for all kinds of dogs. We cut our antlers into different shapes and sizes for different dog chews.

Paddle Chew:

Our paddle moose antlers treats are for moderate or mild strength chewers.

Tine Chew:

Moose Antler Tine Dog Chews are round pointy antlers for more experienced and aggressive chewers.

Base Chew

Moose Antler Base Dog Chews are extremely dense antlers for super-strong chewers.

Our antlers are the perfect companion to play with and keep your dog engaged while you do something else.

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