Monster Moose Antler Paddle Dog Chew

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Introducing the MONSTER Allagash Moose Antler Paddle – specifically crafted for giant breed dogs and avid chewers. These paddle pieces are meticulously carved from the lower section of the moose antler, resulting in an exceptionally sturdy and enduring chew, perfectly suited for your larger canine companion.

Our moose antler chews are sourced from freshly collected, premium-grade moose antlers, ensuring a robust and gratifying chewing experience that your dog will truly appreciate.

Moose antler chews guarantee a neat and mess-free encounter, devoid of any unpleasant odors or unnecessary additives. Enriched with essential nutrients such as calcium and phosphorus, these chews contribute to your pup's overall well-being and contentment.

Discover the Right Fit:

  • Average Dimensions: 6-10 inches

Triple the weight and density of our standard X-Large Paddles.

Each order includes a single chew.

Nature's Unique Stamp: Expect subtle variations in shape and size among our moose antler products, as each antler is inherently distinct. We assure you that all our moose antlers uphold a top-tier grade A premium standard – a testament to our commitment to your dog's satisfaction.

Prioritize Safety, Amplify Enjoyment: Opt for the appropriate size based on your dog's weight and chewing tendencies. Always oversee your pup's chew sessions. When the antler becomes sufficiently small to fit in your dog's mouth, it's a signal to introduce a fresh Allagash Antler Chew.

Prepare for an engaging chewing journey – let your four-legged friend indulge in the exceptional flavor and boundless enjoyment of MONSTER Allagash Moose Antler Paddles!

Customer Reviews

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Manny H
Labs love Allagash antlers

My boys get one every year. Third or forth time ordering these monster antlers.

Julie Miller
Moose antlers paddle a hit with my labs

Both my girls enjoy the paddles! Their favorite is the crown, but they they love these as well! Fast service, delivery and awesome for aggressive chewers!! Thank you!! We'll be back!!

He can’t pour himself a whiskey...

As the desert sun slowly dips below the horizon, many gentlemen turn to their evening routines, a single malt whiskey, smooth jazz and a cozy fire in the fireplace. Unable to pour himself a whiskey, Dex takes his antler to his bed near the fireplace and enjoys a evening gnaw. Like no other chew before, his moose antler is definitely his favorite way to unwind after a long day. Dex highly recommends them.

Helen Dumond

Monster Moose Antler Paddle Dog Chew

Perfectly large and Perfectly stinky

My dog absolutely loves the paddle. Hes a 120 lb great pyrenees and he cant carry it around in his mouth so he slaps it around our house. He loves chewing on it and its smelly enough to keep him interested but not to the point of cow hooves or buffalo horns. Hasnt splintered and he is slowly workin the corners down.