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Allagash Antlers

*NEW* Allagash Puppy Pack

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Introducing the Allagash Puppy Pack! Watch your puppy enjoy hours of mentally stimulating chew time with our bestselling Moose Muncher and Elk Antler Tasty Stick bundle! If they get bored of one, switch it out for the other, and repeat! 

All of our antler chews are cut from fresh, premium grade moose antlers to ensure a long lasting and enjoyable chewing experience for your extra large dogs.

Allagash antler chews are virtually odorless, make no mess, and contain no preservatives. They are densely packed with nutrients such as calcium and phosphorus which make for a happy and healthy pup!

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As with all of our antler products, there will be small variations in shape and size due to each antler being naturally unique! All antlers are guaranteed grade A premium - we only choose the best for your dog!

We always recommend sizing your antler based on the weight of your dog and their corresponding chewing aggression. For super aggressive chewers, consider a size up.

Always supervise your dog when they are using these chews. When the antler becomes small enough to fit in your dogs mouth, it's time for a new Allagash Antler Chew!

Customer Reviews

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Danielle S.
Puppies Come In Packs

I'm insane and have three puppies under a year in my life. Chews are an absolute must, and these are some of their favorites. They can chew on them for extended periods of time without tons of damage, and I love that these chews don't smell like other types of chews do. Big fan, definitely coming back for more.