Extra-Large Moose Antler Paddle for Aggressive Chewers

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Introducing the Extra-Large Aggressive Moose Antler Paddle for aggressive chewers– tailor-made for large dogs weighing over 65lbs that have a true passion for chewing! These paddle pieces are expertly carved from the lower palm of the moose antler, resulting in a chew that's not only denser and heavier, but also SUPER long lasting! In fact, they boast twice the density of our regular Extra-Large Moose Antler Paddles!

Our moose antler chews are sourced from freshly harvested, high grade moose antlers, ensuring a satisfying and lasting chewing experience for your beloved canine.

Moose antler chews provide a neat and mess-free chewing encounter, without any unpleasant odors or unnecessary extras. Brimming with vital nutrients like calcium and phosphorus, these chews contribute to your pup's satisfaction and enjoyment, making them a delightful treat for your furry companion.

  • Double the weight and density of the regular extra-large paddle

Each order includes a single chew, and shipping incurs a flat rate of $9.45

Nature's Unique Signature: Expect slight disparities in shape and size among our moose antler products, as each antler possesses its own inherent charm. Be assured, all our moose antlers are guaranteed to be of premium grade A quality – a testament to our unwavering commitment to ensuring the finest for your canine companion.

Safety and Joy in Harmony: Select the appropriate size based on your dog's weight and chewing tendencies. Always be present to supervise your pup while they indulge in their chew. When the antler gets small enough to fit in your dog's mouth, it's time to get a new Allagash Antler Chew.

Prepare for a rewarding journey of chewing – let your furry friend relish the exquisite taste and endless enjoyment offered by Extra-Large Aggressive Moose Antler Paddles!

Customer Reviews

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2 German Shepherds approve

I have two German shepherds, female 75lbs, and male 125lbs, finding a good chew that lasts is not easy. They were intrigued as soon as they smelled the box they arrived in. Once I opened the box, with help of course, they have been in chew heaven. It's been two weeks with daily enjoyment, and still almost as big as they were when I received them.
Highly recommend for the aggressive chewer.

Best antlers ever

My dogs can’t get enough of these antlers! My dogs destroy every toy, bone, anything they come across, but these antlers allow them to enjoy without damage. Love them.

Sandra Schwertfeger
My dog loves it!!!

My Blue Heeler who destroys everything, absolutely loves this antler! Thank you!!!

Melissa Ryan
Great Product and Service

I had ordered 2 extra large moose antler paddles under different orders. 1 order came quickly, the other did not. I kept emailing Allagash to find out where my order was. I was so happily surprised that the company got RIGHT back to me , each time I emailed. They stuck with me as my order was found, and got to the correct place. I have been impressed with the paddles, they were so large, I could even cut them in half for my dogs to chew. My dogs are thrilled and so am I. I would definitely order from Allagash again.

Bonnie L. Jeffrey

My Mastiff's love these antlers & they last forever!!! The only chew that I let them have because they don't splinter!!!