Where are your antlers sourced?

Sourcing the Best: Allagash Antlers' Unique Approach to Moose Antler Acquisition

At Allagash Antlers, our commitment to providing top-quality moose antler dog chews is matched only by our dedication to ethical and sustainable sourcing. Our process begins by scouring both the rugged terrain of Maine and having connections in pristine landscapes of Alaska to procure the finest moose antlers available. Here's a glimpse into how we ensure your furry friend gets the very best:

Wilderness Exploration in Maine and Alaska:

Our journey begins in the heart of Maine, where we venture into the untamed wilderness in search of naturally shed moose antlers. The breathtaking woodlands of Maine provide us with a bountiful supply of these remarkable treasures. But our quest for excellence doesn't stop there; we extend our reach to the wilds of Alaska, where moose roam freely against a backdrop of stunning vistas. 

Sourcing Grade A+ Antlers:

While many of the moose antlers we use are sourced through our own explorations, we also partner with local shed hunters who share our passion for the wilderness. These skilled individuals meticulously collect antlers that are naturally shed by moose. Our commitment to quality means that we prioritize Grade A antlers – the cream of the crop. These antlers are carefully selected based on factors such as size, condition, and overall quality.

Supporting Local Economies:

Our partnership with local shed hunters is more than a transaction; it's a collaborative effort that supports the local economy. By purchasing Grade A antlers from these dedicated hunters, we contribute to their livelihoods and foster a sense of community. This symbiotic relationship ensures that our sourcing practices have a positive impact on the regions we explore.

Ethical and Sustainable Practices:

At Allagash Antlers, we believe in ethical and sustainable practices in every aspect of our business. By sourcing moose antlers that have naturally shed, we prioritize the well-being of these majestic creatures. Our approach minimizes any disruption to the animals' natural behaviors and habitats.

Crafting Nature's Treasures for Your Furry Friend:

From the tranquil forests of Maine to the remote expanses of Alaska, our moose antler sourcing journey captures the essence of nature's beauty. Each antler we acquire is a testament to our dedication to providing your dog with safe, enjoyable, and responsibly sourced chew options. When you choose Allagash Antlers, you're not just giving your dog a chew – you're embracing the spirit of adventure, community, and responsible pet care that defines who we are.

Thank you for supporting our mission, and allowing us to bring a piece of the wilderness to your canine companion's world!