Should I supervise my dog?

Absolutely, we recommend supervising your dog while they enjoy their Moose Antler Chews. While these chews are a safe and natural option for your furry friend, supervision is a proactive measure to ensure their safety and well-being.

Supervision allows you to observe your dog's chewing behavior and intervene if needed. Here's why it's important:

1. Prevent Choking Hazards: While Moose Antler Dog Chews are durable, supervision allows you to promptly address any potential choking hazards and take appropriate action.

2. Monitor Chewing Intensity: Some dogs are more enthusiastic chewers than others. Supervision helps you gauge your dog's chewing intensity and ensure they're not exerting excessive force that could lead to dental or oral issues.

3. Introduce Gradually: If your dog is new to Moose Antler Chews, supervising their initial interactions helps you introduce the chew gradually. This is especially important for puppies or dogs new to this type of chew, as they may need time to acclimate to the texture and sensation.

4. Personalized Care: Every dog is unique, and some may have specific chewing habits or preferences. Supervising your dog with Moose Antler Chews allows you to provide personalized care and address any concerns based on their individual behavior.

While Moose Antler Dog Chews are designed for safe and enjoyable chewing, your proactive involvement ensures a positive experience for your dog. As responsible pet owners, your attentive supervision adds an extra layer of protection, promoting a secure and delightful chew session for your furry companion.