Moose vs. Elk Antler Chews - Which is right for your dog?

  • Both moose and elk antlers have been enjoyed by canines for centuries! From wild dogs to our domesticated friends, these all natural chews have been accessible for as long as moose and elk have been shedding them. Though both moose and elk are Cervidaes, many things about them are very different—including their antlers!
  • To start, the basic shape of the two antler types are visibly different. Moose have flatter and wider paddles with a dense base, and different sizes tines. Elk have tall, beam-like antlers with long tines. At a glance, you may also notice that moose antlers tend to be darker brown then elk.
  • For dog chewing purposes, moose and elk also produce unique chew qualities. Moose are known as the softest type of antler dog chew (Burke, AKC) with a tougher outer layer encasing a nutrients dense layer of marrow. Elk are a harder chew type that have a more crumbly-textured marrow with a denser outer layer. Both antlers have unique properties that offer awesome variety for your dog’s chew time. 
  • The two antler types also produce different cuts of chews. The basic cuts for moose antlers are paddles, tines, and bases. While Elk can be cut to beams, tines, and bases. Both antlers have the ability to create split cuts that expose all of the nutritious marrow for quicker accessibility to your pups. Another perk of both antlers is that each cut of antler is a different density! You can read more about the particular cuts/density under our product descriptions for each chew type. You can see them here.

 Moose vs. Elk Antler Dog Chews

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