Choosing The Right Antler Chew For Your Dog

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Choosing the right moose antler chew is extremely important and will ensure your pup has the most enjoyable chewing experience possible. Moose antlers are unique in that they offer many distinct types of chews for your dog. This can be a little confusing at first, but we’re here to help! At Allagash Antlers, we cut chews into three main categories; paddles, tines, and bases (with one exception that we’ll explain later). Each and every dog is different and they will have different preferences for what cut of antler they prefer. If you’re new to moose antlers, we recommend starting with a paddle option based on your dog’s size and adjust accordingly. When used correctly, moose antlers are one of the most mentally stimulating, most healthy, all natural chews available.

  • Paddles - Moose antler paddles are a medium density chew, best suited for moderate chewers, older dogs, and dogs new to chewing moose antlers. The paddle portion of antler is cut from the upper half of a moose antler farthest away from where it connects to their head, meaning it is non-load bearing and isn’t as dense as the base sections. The nutritious marrow is easily accessible and the outer shell of the antler can withstand substantial chewing. We like to call these “soft yet durable.” While best suited for moderate chewers, paddles can be enjoyed by all types of chewers including aggressive chewers, they just won’t last as long as some of the other options we offer. Moose Muncher Paddles are also included in this category. 

One exception to paddles for moderate chewers is the “aggressive” option. We currently have Extra-large Aggressive Paddles as well as Medium Aggressive Paddles. These types of dog chews are cut near the base of the antler, are extremely dense ,and best suited for very aggressive to super chewers. These are NOT recommended for puppies, older dogs, or moderate chewers as they might not be able to get through the dense outer portion and access the inner marrow. 

Moose Antler Paddle Chews For Dogs

  • Tines - Moose antler tines are a medium-high density chew, best suited for aggressive chewers. The tine portion of antler is located on the lower half of a moose antler meaning they are very dense and tightly packed with marrow. Moose use their tines in battle with one another so they need to be durable enough with withstand tremendous force. This is great news for your aggressive chewer! Choose the size that correctly fits your pup and enjoy hours, weeks, months worth of happy chewing!

Moose Antler Tine Chews For Dogs

  • Bases - The moose antler base section of antler is the holy grail for super chewers. These are without a doubt, the most dense, longest lasting antler chew option on the market. Bases are the portion of antler directly connected to the moose’s head, meaning it’s responsible for supporting the entirety of a massive antler. One 8 inch section of moose antler base can weigh upwards of 3-4 pounds! If your dog is a super chewer, these are for you. It’s not uncommon for these to last anywhere from 6 months to well over a year in some cases. 

Moose Antler Base Chews For Dogs

In conclusion, choosing the right chew for your dog is all about balance. In our experience, a dog needs to be engaged with the chew enough that it keeps their attention but not enough that they can destroy it within minutes. Our best definition for the word engaged would be the ability to chew small pieces of marrow from the antler without being able to chew completely through it. This will ensure a long lasting chew that will keep your pup coming back for more. We want to reiterate that each and every dog is different and they will have different preferences for what cut of antler they prefer. If you’re new to moose antler chews, we recommend starting with a paddle option based on your dog’s size and adjust accordingly.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!