Moose Antler Paddle Dog Chew

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Introducing Allagash Moose Antler Paddles – the perfect choice for dogs seeking a balanced chewing experience. These paddles are carefully cut from the middle palm of the moose antler, offering a soft yet durable texture that keeps dogs engaged.

Our moose antler chews are sourced from fresh, premium-grade moose antlers, guaranteeing an enduring and enjoyable chew, tailor-made for your extra-large canine companions.

Allagash moose antler chews ensure are clean, mess-free, and devoid of any undesirable odors or added preservatives. Packed with essential nutrients like calcium and phosphorus, these chews

are sure to keep your pup happy and entertained.

Select the Ideal Size:

  • Extra-Large Paddles: Dogs 65lbs+
  • Large Paddles: Dogs between 45 - 65lbs
  • Medium Paddles: Dogs between 25 - 45lbs
  • Small Paddles: Dogs between 5 - 25lbs

Each order includes one chew.

Unique Natural Variations: Antlers vary in shape and size, reflecting the beauty of nature. We ensure that every moose antler used is of premium grade A quality – because your dog deserves nothing less.

Safety and Joy Combined: Choose the size that aligns with your dog's weight and chewing style. Always supervise your dog when they're using these chews. When the antler becomes small enough to fit in your dog's mouth, it's time for a fresh Allagash Antler Chew.

Prepare for a truly satisfying chewing adventure – introduce your pup to the exquisite taste and boundless enjoyment of Allagash Moose Antler Paddles!

Customer Reviews

Based on 164 reviews

Paddle slices are addicting in this house. The paddle we received is awesome and a challenge!

Kim Dyke
My Aussies love their paddles!

I have finally found a chew that I feel comfortable giving my dogs. These paddles soften as the dogs chew them, so no splintering to worry about. Reasonably prices for the size you get, too!

Ann Monaghan
Happy Shepherds !

All 3 of my shepherds love them. I have 2 German and 1 Australian. They are perfect for the early darkness of fall and the winter to come!

Great Antlers

I have bought elk and deer antlers but never moose antlers before. I have two Saint Bernards and these paddle antlers are great and going to last a long time. They are definitely extra large and shipped super fast.

Debra Morrison

Luna Love’s her Moose Antlers !!!