Split Moose Antler Base Dog Chew

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Introducing Split Allagash Moose Antler Bases – the ultimate chew for dogs who crave satisfying marrow! Split antler bases are super dense and offer an instant taste of the nutritious marrow inside.

Our moose antler chews are expertly crafted from fresh, high-quality moose antlers, guaranteeing your pup a lasting and enjoyable chewing experience. No mess, low odor, and definitely no preservatives – just a nutrient-packed chew that's rich in calcium and phosphorus, giving your furry friend the goodness they need.

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  • Large: Ideal for Dogs between 45 - 65lbs

Every purchase comes with one chew, and shipping is a breeze with a flat rate of $8.40.

Naturally Unique, Exceptionally Premium: Each antler has its own special shape and size, making them truly one-of-a-kind. Rest assured, every antler is top-grade quality – we select only the finest for your dog.

Safety First, Tail-Wagging Delight: Choose the size that matches your dog's weight and chewing style for a satisfying and safe experience. Remember to keep an eye on your furry pal as they chew. When the antler gets small enough to fit in your dog's mouth, it's time to switch to a new Allagash Antler Chew.

Give your dog the best in chew-time fun – treat them to the taste and joy of Split Allagash Moose Antler Bases!

Customer Reviews

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Shawna B
The best treats for my big chewer

These antler treats are the only chew that can keep my 100lb yellow lab occupied for quite some time. My 4 pugs also love chewing on the marrow part. Best thing is that they are a natural and cruelty-free treat for this vegan dog momma to get for her dogs!


These are my dogs favorite antlers. She loves the moose munchers the best. They’re such high quality. This is the only company we will be purchasing from.

Venita Morell great quality product. Fun and easy to use.
My dog loves it

My super chewer dog loves this and I can tell it will last a good, long time

Michelle Champ

My dogs and my grand pup love these!

Katherine Coble

Our boy Toby is an aggressive chewer and he’s gone through a number of toys and chews quickly. Our moose antler base has been his favorite for two weeks and it’s still going strong. I think this will last for a long time and he loves it just as much today as he did on day one!