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Allagash Antlers

*NEW* 1lb Bulk Moose Antler Marrow Slices

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Did someone say Moose Marrow? Yes please! The ALL NEW Allagash Moose Antler Marrow Slices are ideal for the marrow lovers in your pack. We've taken one of the most nutrient dense portions of antler and split it in two, exposing the delicious marrow that all dogs crave! Every inch is jam-packed with essential nutrients like calcium and phosphorus that will keep your dog chewing for hours!

The 1lb bulk option is great for multiple dog households on a budget!


Large Bulk Moose Marrow Slices - 2 Chews Per 1lb

Medium Bulk Moose Marrow Slices - 3 Chews Per 1lb

You will receive 1lb of chews per order quantity.

(Qty 1 = 1lb of chews)

All of our moose antler chews are cut from fresh, premium grade moose antlers to ensure a long lasting and enjoyable chewing experience for your dog.

Moose antler chews are odorless, make no mess, and contain no preservatives. They are densely packed with nutrients such as calcium and phosphorus which make for a happy and healthy pup!

Allagash Antlers Moose Antler Marrow Chews for Large Dogs

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Krista T
Dogs love them

I have made two purchases now and my dogs are happy with me. My only heads up I would offer is that they are a little bit messy when heavy chewing and the cylindrical piece I got small and was a choking hazard so I had to take it away. Dogs were not happy about that part. We'll order again!

Amber Larson

I can't wait to spoil my dogs with these for Christmas! It is a very nice gift for my spoiled pets.

Cyndi Trenoweth
Finley & Bryer

They will get them for Christmas! I will tag you guys in a post!❄️

Julie Gomez
Large Moose Antler Marrow slices

Our Goose Loves them!! Need to buy a rack in 2023

Theresa Bonini
Excellent Product

Allagash marrow slices are great for my terriers. The youngsters are always looking for something to do and the marrow slices keep them busy.