How Often Should You Give Your Dogs Chews?

How Often Should You Give Your Dogs Chews?

Your dog is going to find something to chew on. It's an important part of being a dog. Many consider it an innate behavior, especially when you've witnessed them chew on almost everything. Coming home to a frenzy of ripped pillows and bite marks on your furniture is something we all dread. 

Keeping your dog engaged in the act of chewing helps both of you. This article will serve as a guide on how often you should let your dog chew and what chews are best. Because there are different types of chews, we will introduce the different types of chews so readers who aren't too familiar can follow along. 

Safe Chew Toys For Your Dog

Chewing adds a lot of mental and physical benefits to your dog's health. Good owners provide dogs with plenty of safe toys, items, and edibles to chew on. Fail to do so, and you're likely to catch your dog chewing on something valuable like those expensive shoes. 

This doesn't have to be. You have so many dog chews and toys to choose from. 

We've also included a few words of caution about some chews, so you're fully informed to make the best choice for your dog. 

Here is a list of the different types of chew

Rawhide Chews

This is one of the most common types of dog chews sold in many stores. We do not recommend giving your dog dried animal skin preserved with chemicals. They break apart easily and can cause injuries to the dog's mouth and digestive tract. 

Moose Antler Dog Chews

Moose Antler Dog Chews are some of the best chews on the market. They are dense and pack vital minerals to supplement a dog's diet. No animals are harmed in the process, and dogs love them. 

Stuffed Toys

This option is best for mild chewers who don't get aggressive when they bite. These dogs take their time to savor a toy which helps it last a long time. 

Rubber Toys

Rubber toys are perfect for aggressive destroyers. Big dogs who like to tear apart everything will enjoy a rubber toy. Their size and strength can handle whatever your dog throws at them.  


Puppies, as well as adult dogs, enjoy playing with balls. Training your dog with one of these helps teach them commands and improve their coordination and understanding of their environment. 

Edible Chews

Edible chews are created as a temporary solution to dogs' chewing desires. Because of this, they don't last very long. They also add a significant amount of calories to your dog's diet.

How Many Times Should You Give Your Dog Chews?

Edible dog chews have become a significant part of how households train and pet their dogs. From a place of care, homeowners may begin to worry about just how many treats they should feed their dog in a day. 

Generally, you don't want to substitute treats as their primary source of nutrition which means you give them a lot less compared to their food. You also want to keep the number of treats they consume in a day between 3-5 calories.